Priska Wallimann


Priska Wallimann was born in Lucerne, enchanted by the city's baroque architecture and its attachment to the lake and mountains that surround it.  A lithographer and computer graphics artist by training, her sensitivity and curiosity propel her like a violent passion into the world of art, whose expression can cover both drawing and photography, the latter giving her a modern dimension, of a woman artist well anchored in her time.

Her deep blue gaze, which she could have stolen from Lake Lucerne, is precise and curiously ordered. She captures what surrounds her and then gives back freedom in a 360° movement that only photography can magnify. But true freedom is found by her in the Mediterranean, on the wild beaches of the Camargue, where she poetically invites us to project ourselves into the immensity and to admire compositions of the planet earth as never seen before.

The series " Le temps s'arrête " is like a breath that is held back to better admire the beauty of the work.