Alexis Raoult


Originally from Hauts-de-Seine and aged 30, Alexis is a painter and illustrator, primarily known for his striking animal portraits. His artistic journey is unconventional, as he is a true self-taught artist. For Alexis, the best school of learning is hard work and daily practice. For five years, he dedicated himself to his art, spending up to ten hours a day painting and drawing. This determination and unwavering commitment have forged his technical mastery and acute attention to detail. With his faithful pencil as an extension of himself, Alexis sketches living creatures with astonishing precision. He captures the essence of each animal, conveying the energy of life through his perfect lines. 

Every gaze, every posture, every feather or fur is traced with almost photographic meticulousness, giving life to a realistic and vibrant work of art. However, Alexis Raoult does not limit himself to the simplicity of the pencil. He also wields the ballpoint pen with exceptional skill, adding a unique touch to his creations. With this pen, he expresses his talent in a bolder style, highlighting the contrasts and finest details of each living being he represents. His works reflect a deep empathy for animal life and a desire to raise awareness among the public about the beauty of nature. Alexis Raoult is truly passionate about the animal world. 

Beyond his artistic creations, he embodies a voice for nature, a messenger who reminds everyone of the importance of preserving and protecting the precious diversity of animal life on our planet.